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It is almost time to go to the polls again!

I would like to thank the people of Derry for sending me back to Concord for a third term, I have met many of my constituents as I went door to door  as well as the many of you stopped by and said hello at the polls,

I am proud to represent my town and all the people of Derry as well as the State of New Hampshire as a whole. I am seeking my fourth term as your representative , I encourage you to look at my voting records, I pride myself on being a privacy and consumer protection advocate.




Thank you, Jim Webb


Jim Webb

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Jim Webb

Derry, New Hampshire


My entire family supports me at election time above my daughter and 2 of my four grandchildren.


2010 - 2012 What we did Good\Bad legislation

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Jim Webb



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President John F. Kennedy said we must do things “not because they are easy, but because they are hard”.

We the republican majority took on a budget of over 800+ million Debt, and balanced that budget, for the past 2 years we even manage to rebuild the rainy day fund .

The People of Derry and the state of New Hampshire have sent a message to Concord and Washington that they do not like the direction we were going. There is no doubt looking at the numbers at the polls and hearing the comments of the people as they voted they were not very happy.

The Republicans swept Rockingham county and the state, we took the bull by the horns and fixed the out of control spending.

The work is not done, we need to maintain the savings that we gained , and pass them on to the people of NH. Many of you have noticed some of the cuts we made in the 98 taxes and fees the Democrats raised during the 4 years prior to the Republicans gaining control .

The $30 registration charge on your auto is one you may have noticed right away click here for more .


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    Key points of view:

    1.  I support Gaming in NH .

  2. 2.  I support anything that will bring in "NONE TAX" Revenue.

  3. 3.  I support reduction in business Tax and Property Tax.

  4. 4.  I support medical Marijuana.

  5. 5.  I support recreational Marijuana for the tax revenue it will generate.

  6. 6.  I support the right to life and appose late term abortion.

  7. 7. I am against any increase in personal tax liability.

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If you have any questions , feel free to give me a call,  I would be happy to talk to you .

Please don't hesitate to call call me on my cell at 603-845-3454

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