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Here are many of the issues and where I stand on them:


Name:                         James C Webb Sr.

Address:                     6 Independence Ave

City:                           Derry

State:                          NH

ZIP:                            03038

Phone:                        603-845-3454


District:                       6

Candidate for:             State House Representative

Incumbent?:                     YES



Why are you running for office in 2012, and what do you hope to accomplish?:

 I am running for re election because I see that spending is better but sill is out of control, and issues that affect the way of life for people of NH are being ignored by our elected officials.



 Economic / Budgetary / Spending Issues-

 Generally speaking, we should loosen business regulations to expand economic growth.:

We need to get (private sector jobs here in NH) and around the nation, A job working for the government is not a real job because it cost the tax payers money. The government cannot survive paying itself. Some of these jobs are unavoidable IE: Fireman , Police , Teachers The goal is to reduce the size of government.

New Hampshire may need a Sales or Income Tax to deliver quality services to our citizens.:

I Strongly disagree ,Everybody wants to add a sales tax or a income tax in the end it will be another tax we pay . I am sure the spending will not slow down and the tax will just keep going up. Look at Connecticut as an example when they put their income and sales tax in it would lower their property taxes etc., now they have high taxes everywhere (that will be NH). First and most important we need to cut spending Govener Mel Thompson would say "Lower taxes is a result of less spending"

I support state and local spending caps.:

I Strongly agree just like you and myself if we don't have the money we canít spend it the state should be held to the same standards they should not be able to write blank checks and tax us later on their whim.

Certain industries should receive government subsidies in order to remain operational.:

I Generally agree the support should be more in the way of loans, we have to keep the people working in these hard times private jobs are the most important jobs we have, I look at it as pay now or pay later if we let the companies close then those jobs will be lost forever if we give a little help the workers do not collect unemployment , they do not collect welfare, and other social services the towns still collect the taxes on the property , the state gets the business taxes. I would say you have to look at every business individually but sometimes it make more business sense to help a business stay afloat than to let it go away.

A minimum wage should be set by the State so that workers are guaranteed a fair wage.:

 I Generally agree The states should control this as the cost of living in NH is greater than the cost of living in NB I think we need to minimize federal involvement with regards to all aspects of our state as much as we can.  

I support legislation to prevent employers from dismissing employees at will.:

I  Generally agree, I do believe everybody should have some sort of rights, and or recourse.

In order to keep taxes low, we should reduce spending at all levels of government.:

I Strongly agree I think we need to find better way of administering our limited resources , and save money where ever we can.

For some occupations, strict licensing is required in order to protect consumers.:

I Generally agree (Electrician/Plumber safety only) this has the potential to be abused , If the state is going to charge fees for everyone that walk and talks I am totally against it, If  an electrician is wiring your home (YES) he needs to know what he is doing. if a plumber is putting in a gas hot water heater (YES) he needs to know what he is doing .If the girl next store is going to do your fingernails do you want to pay 3 bucks more because the state is going to charge her A (FEE) every year for your protection . I originally said I would support eliminating licenses for Hair dressers , etc. I did change my position on this because of two reasons , 1) there is a certain amount of knowledge needed to do this work , IE: Blood born pathogens chemicals. 2) the people that went to this intensive schooling process made an investment in their own personal future taking on student loans etc, .it would not be fair to them to throw all that away.

I support legislation that would prevent workers from being forced to join a union or pay union dues.:

I Generally agree, nobody is being forced to join a union and this has been something that the people are misled on. This is a tough question because I am in a Union, Our contract says you have to join, I am a member of the Teamsters Local 633 out of Manchester, I knew this before I took the job so I was not forced to join the Union, I did not have to take the job. I think Unions will become more important as these hard economic times start showing their ugly side. For those of you that are not in a Union or who have never been in a union , The Idea of a union is to stick together and the company will treat you as a whole with respect and follow the contract (rules) that everyone has agreed to. Now sometimes it doesn't work that way as with any job personalities show through and the company and union have to work out the problems. If  members did not have to pay dues or Join the union it would fall apart or it would not be fair to the ones that are paying the dues, we pay dues  My union doesn't do anything with our dues but take them. Now you do get representation for your dues if needed. As far as joining if the contract says you must join that is the contract , if you don't want the job I guess you could look for a shop that doesn't have a union if you are totally against joining the union. You also have to remember or at least in my case my pension is tied up in the union as well so if you do not join the union I don't know what that would do to your pension. Generally speaking Union jobs are good paying jobs so they are good for the economy and the state. I would also have to say as more companies be come owned by foreigners Unions will be come more popular and may be needed to protect the American workers.

Government functions and services should be privatized whenever possible.:

I Generally agree I think we need to look at the big picture , if government runs better by contracting some of its services out then so be it , once again a (Private job is a real job) when taxpayers pay the bills. I would like to say any job contracted out for the state of NH should be in NH if the company does not want to set up shop in NH then look at the next guy that will and absolutely never hire a company that does not use 100% American workers , I was appalled that Governor Lynch went with speed pass  which cost the state more money than the tokens and all the jobs went to NJ. Speed Pass is a computer based Business there is no reason they could not of set up shop in NH .

------------Section III: Personal / Social Issues---------


The government has an obligation to provide medical care for those who cannot afford it.:

I Generally agree/disagree In an emergency all Americans should be able to walk into a emergency room and get treatment and if need be follow up treatment ,we should not have Americans dying in the gutters, I also think the key word is Americans , if a undocumented alien comes to an emergency room stabilize them help them then turn them over to authorities for deportation. I am against Obamacare.


The smoking ban in bars was a good idea, as smoking is harmful and should be regulated.:

I Strongly agree in bars and restaurants. I found it nice to be able to dine out now where we would not before. If you try getting into T-Bones in Derry , just about any night you will see there has been no bad effect from the smoking ban for restaurants. I think it is a good thing we go out more often than we did when there was smoking .

I support reducing penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.:

 I Generally agree I think it should be a discretion thing if the police officer nails someone for DWI and finds pot in the car they should be able to add that to the charges. The Idea of this law was to eliminate the burden on the court system and I agree with that as well (Public smoking of pot should not be allowed) .

I do support the medical use of marijuana if someone is going to Die from cancer and it gives them some relief from the effects of Chemotherapy who are we to with hold those last few moments of quality of life from these poor misfortunate people .

Charter and magnet schools are acceptable alternatives to traditional public schools.:

I Strongly agree Charter and magnet schools have been proven. Children excel in these types of schools and generally cost less to operate as they are privately operated  (private sector jobs).

Firearms are often the tools of violent criminals, and should be more strictly regulated.:

I Strongly disagree , I support the second amendment to our constitution 100% I am a NRA Member, I believe the right to bear arms is one of the things that makes this country great and is part of the checks and balances that the fathers of our country put in place.

Homeschooling families should be required by the state to submit annual testing to show progress.:

 I Generally agree with this but I am sort of on the fence , I don't think Government should get involved in our lives , on the other hand the children need to be ready to face the world when they leave the home , if they spend 12 years home schooled they will not have the social skills needed to survive in today's fast pace world.

The legislature should pass a law requiring the use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets.:

 I Strongly disagree, NH has one of the highest compliance rates in the country now with regards to seatbelts so why do we need the government telling us we have to wear them , why would we want to give the police the power to pull us over when we did nothing wrong . and the Helmut law is also a choice thing , I ride a motorcycle  I wear a full faces Snell approved Helmut because I want to not because government tells me I have to I also wear my seat belt because I choose to. This is an area Government should keep their nose out of  and do what the people want not what some legislators want (Live free or Die).

Tax credits or vouchers for private schools should be created to allow parents an alternative to public schools.:

 I Strongly disagree , If parents want to send their children to private schools great! but the tax payer should not be paying for it The towns are having a hard enough time coming up with school budgets why would you want to give a tax break to a family not to send their child to that school system someone has to pay for the school system. I do not have any children in the schools so should I get a credit as well , NO I should not , we pay because our children went through the schools Derry is a town that has turn over the parents leave as soon as their children are out of school and the cycle starts over. That is why we have one of the highest tax rates in the state.

I support eliminating health insurance coverage mandates.:

 I Strongly agree , I am 100% against Obama care  this will cost the state of NH an estimated 1.8 Billion dollars we canít pay our bills now how are we going to pay for Obama care, what next they going to raise registration fees on your car to $5000.00 per year to pay for it , but it is not a tax it is a FEE.


Parents have the right to know whether their minor children undergo any medical treatment or procedures, including abortions.:

 I Strongly agree, this was one of the very first thing the democratically controlled legislators did , I was upset then as I am now . This is wrong it could be your daughter sitting on a table getting an abortion at 14 years old , then the planned parenthood place makes a mistake and she starts hemorrhaging . mean while you think she is at school  and you would never know , think of the emotional scars your daughter will have holding it from you and knowing she had killed her baby or the possible damage to her reproductive system , then not being able to have a child later in life. This is something that the parent should be involved in to help the child make the right decision (including abortion) not a bunch of liberal teachers and pro abortionist.

Additional remarks or comments:

I want to thank you for reading through my comments , you may not agree with many of my views, but these are my views and I respect your views on the subjects as well that is what makes this country great.

Thank You

Jim Webb

Candidate for State Representative Derry NH



Do you have a primary?:         Yes




Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions.

James C. Webb

I am running for State Representative


If you have any questions , feel free to give me a call,  I would be happy to talk to you .

Please don't hesitate to call call me at 603-216-5159

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